Quotes Hannah looked after my 3 much loved cockatiels for a bit over 6 weeks when I was on holidays. I felt complete peace of mind knowing they were with Brisbane Bird Boarding and when I returned my feathered family were all very well and looked very content and relaxed. Quotes

Quotes Hi, I am a member of Parrot Society of Australia, a longtime client of Brisbane Bird Vet and the owner of the Feathered and Free eco-tourism website. Hannah has been looking after my birds for several years now when we are away on trips. It gives me great peace of mind to have a qualified avian vet nurse looking after my birds as I know she would be quick to spot anything wrong with them. I always give a letter of authority for emergency vet care if anything does go wrong so I know they will be treated even if I am in the bush and can't be reached by email. I am very happy to recommend Hannah to take care of your birds while you are away! Tara Tuatai www.featheredandfree.com Quotes
Tara Tuatai
Peace of Mind When Away