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  • "Hannah looked after my 3 much loved cockatiels for a bit over 6 weeks when I was on holidays. I felt complete peace of mind knowing they were with Brisbane Bird Boarding and whe..."
  • "Hi, I am a member of Parrot Society of Australia, a longtime client of Brisbane Bird Vet and the owner of the Feathered and Free eco-tourism website. Hannah has been looking af..."
    Tara Tuatai
    Peace of Mind When Away

Do we need to bring a cage?

We do prefer it if you bring your bird's normal cage.  We find that birds are usually more comfortable in a familiar environment.  If this isn't possible then you can hire a cage from us for an extra fee, in which case we recommend you bring along all your birds favourate toys and foraging aids to make their stay more comfortable.  Please let us know if you require cage hire when booking.

Do we need to provide toys, covering and treats?

Yes, we do have cage covers if you forget to bring it but we prefer your own as your bird will be used to it.  We do have a small amount of foraging toys available but we do like you to bring your own as this is in short supply.

Will my bird come out of the cage for exercise?

Absolutely!  Every bird comes out of their cage for daily excercise.  The length of time does depend on the number of birds we have boarding at that time but we make sure that everyone gets time out of their cage.

My birds wings are not trimmed, will this be an issue?

Not at all.  Our own pet birds are flighted so we are very conscious of flighted birds. 
Our facility also has a double door system so if your bird is also a Houdini there is no risk of escape as people enter the room. 

Will my bird have access to veterinary treatment if needed?

Yes, Hannah is a avian veterinary nurse and is able to detect abnormal behaviours in different bird species.  If there is any sign that your bird is displaying signs of illness you will be contacted and a veterinary exam will take place with your approval.  When leaving your bird with us we do ask for a secondary contact person so if we can't contact you we will contact them for approval.

My bird requires a lot of enviromental enrichment, will this be provided?

Of Course!  We believe that a happy bird is a busy bird and birds require a lot of enrichment to keep them busy during the day.  We will provide as much foraging for their food as we can and all your foraging toys will help us to do this!

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